Marajaw Karajaw, Siargao!

Sept 28 – Oct 01, 2017

One in my long time bucket list is to visit Siargao Island, long before it was known to many. Unfortunately, before, it was inaccessible and flights are expensive. But, say no more, thanks to Cebu Pacific, once again because of their piso sale I was able to book a back and forth flight for just 799 pesos! All you need is patience, friends. Trust me haha. Unluckily, I was not able to pursue my flight due to personal or more for work reasons. So I decided to book another one, persistent eh? The flights are not on piso fare anymore, but it is still at a lower price. Booked another one and it only costs me 1200 pesos. Damn right! This time I decided to really pursue because duh September is the month of their yearly surfing competition. This is not coincidence y’all, I really made sure I’ll be right on time when I get there, I really checked World surfer league’s site to know when’s the exact date. Later did I know, they changed it and started the competition a week ahead, bummer! So when I was on my way to the airport I wasn’t really expecting anything since the competition has already ended, BUTTT surprise, surprise we were told by our trainers that we’re right on time for the parties that’ll be happening every night for the awarding ceremony. Hooray!! My plan was to travel solo to find myself ( that’s what they said ) and to experience, once again, the freedom and adventures including odd ventures when you travel alone. But, all of this has changed when my close friend, Vannia and her husband, decided to tag along.

First things first, airport shot :




Take note that you can either book a van in advance or you can just ride one outside the terminal and just wait till there’s already six passengers and off you go. It takes an hour or less to get to General Luna and longer if you’re riding the motorbike/tricycle.

Van – P 1500 ( whole trip ) P300 / person

Motorbike – P 200 / person

We were supposed to go directly to the house that we booked in advance but, as what the driver said, there’s still a lot of cheaper houses or rooms near cloud 9 ( the surfing spot, btw ) so we decided to check each resort and inns to make an inquiry. After 30 minutes of looking, finally, we found Ronaldo’s and was able to get a room good for 3 for only P1500 with own CR and A/C plus extra bed, there’s still a lot cheaper than Ronaldo’s but at this moment that it’s peak season, all the cheap places are already fully booked! After we checked in, we rented a motorbike so that we can go to Magpupungko pool.

It was one of the craziest rides ever, we can’t fit in on the motorbike and the travel was about two freakin’ hours. Imagine the agony being seated last. It was a supposedly thirty minutes ride but it took us about an hour and a half, ’cause we had a lot of breaks during the trip.


All the pain and numbness both in my ass and legs vanished when we arrived at Magpupungko. It was definitely worth it!


Magpupungko is facing the Pacific Ocean, so be prepared for strong current and waves. It is called Magpupungko because of the formation of the rock behind me, it is like sitting, watching the waves. Pungko is the Bisaya for sit. The best time to visit here is during the afternoon where the tide is low so that you can fully enjoy the pool and you can also jump and dive from the rocks in front.

The most common itinerary people do when visiting Siargao Island is to visit Sugba Lagoon in the morning and Magpupungko in the afternoon. And I can say, it is the best way since Sugba Lagoon is a two-hour drive after Magpupungko. So if you’re planning to visit Siargao, I recommend you to take the itinerary most people take for you to be able to enjoy all the places Siargao has to offer aside from surfing.

I’ll end my post here, and hope to see you on my next one.

Siargao Part II, coming up!




Business BluePrint Welcome Dinner x Conference

April 19 – 21, 2017

Getting hired on April 18 and told to attend the yearly ” Business Blueprint Conference ” is the best blessing I’ve received so far on my first day at work! Imagine on your 2nd day you will need to go to one of Cebu’s 5-star hotel for a welcome dinner party and stay on a 2 night and 3 days in a 3-star hotel. As seen in my previous post, I showed you guys how the hotel we will be staying in for looks like. Now, I’m going to show you what happened in our welcome dinner and in the conference we attended to. Let’s start off by how the hotel looks like.






Luckily, I was able to capture the beautiful sunset, the beach, pool and the garden. All these small things make me thank the higher man above. See, how beautiful is the world we live in and we keep on destroying it by doing illegal acts.





These photos taken can’t justify how amazing the event was. All of our clients were dancing holding booze on one hand and putting the other hand up while dancing to the live music performed by our colleagues. After the party, we all went to BE to get some rest because our 1st day of the conference is set at an early time.



Time to get our grind right. We woke up early in the morning to prepare our things and also ourselves for the conference. This is the first conference that I attended to and I can’t explain what I was feeling that day, you know when you don’t exactly know what to bring, what to expect and what to wear. Haha. After eating breakfast, we went to Shangri-La to register our names and get our name tags and slings. Then there was breakfast, again, prepared for all the attendees. At exactly 8 in the morning, we were told to get inside the room and listen to the instructions that will be announced. We were told that all clients will stay inside the room and all the VA’s will proceed to the next room, off we go.


I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures during the 2-day event but one thing’s for sure, we totally enjoyed and learned a lot from the conference.





Thank you Delonix and Business Blueprint, and nevertheless to my client Zeina for this opportunity. Until next year!

Be Resort x Delonix

April 19, 2017

New job, New beginnings!

I’ve always been a believer of the motto “If in doubt, move out “. If you’re following my blog, you’ll know that I quit my job last¬†April and luckily, found a new job right away, plus I’ll be working on a day shift schedule, which is new to me after being on night shift for three consecutive years. Now, aside from being lucky getting a normal schedule, when I signed the contract, they also informed me that my client will be here in our country to attend a conference, to which I’ll be included. Started my work on a Tuesday and the next day we need to go to ¬†Shangri La to attend the “Welcome Dinner” they prepared for all our clients, but before, that we stopped at BE Resort to check our bags in. All for free guys.










This resort has an infinity pool which is really cool! I think this place is also cheap compared to the others and the breakfast buffet is also good. We stayed for 2 nights and 3 days while every morning we need to go to the other hotel to attend the conference and we have all time in the afternoon until night to take a dip in the pool or in the beach. Thank you for this opportunity, Delonix, and client!