White sand, Tanned skin

It’s almost Valentine’s, a perfect day to spend time together with your loved ones! Since we can already feel the sweet air of hearts day, we decided to sneak out from the busy Manila to the “Best Island in the World”. Can you guess? Well, if you’re thinking about Palawan, then you’re right! Since we are on a tight budget, we opted to land in Puerto Princesa than El Nido ( plane tickets are cheaper this way ;). I won’t make this message long now, so scroll down and check my photos below.

1779467_578557475565688_1943036092_nIMG_7758Soon after we landed and took our belongings, we went out to look for our van that we rented to bring us to El Nido. It takes five hours from Puerto to El Nido, and while on our way, we decided to stop at Ka Inato’ resto ( Palawan’s famous resto and their specialty is their crocodile sisig ).

The ambiance was nice and staffs are friendly, and did you know that this resto hires PWD’s? Yup, some staffs are deaf or mute. But don’t worry if you don’t know how to sign language, they have posters and signs in how to communicate with their staffs.

IMG_7766sign language guideIMG_7769IMG_7770IMG_7764IMG_7783IMG_7784IMG_7787IMG_7785IMG_7786

After the feast, we were all full and slept during the road trip. A few hours after, we’re already in the soil of El Nido!

This is the hostel that we stayed in. It’s far from the beach but it’s cheaper. Anyways, just think of it as an excercise while walking. I’ll end my post here and wait for the part two of my escapade from Palawan.