Come to Camotes

March 28 – 29, 2016

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time for another family vacation. Now the question is, where to go? I was looking for a near & budget-friendly tourist spot, affordable accommodation, honest locals and fine white sand. The search is over when one of my friends told me to go to Camotes. So I asked some advice and tips from friends when one of them told me that they own a resort near Santiago beach. Voila! This is what I’m looking for! C’mon Vamonos!

DSC_0001 (2)DSC_0002

After we arrived at Camotes port, we rented a trike to go to Santiago beach.

DSC_0013 (2)

It took more than thirty minutes to reach this place from the port. We arrived at around 5 PM, checked in, change and went outside to eat dinner. After dinner, we chilled at the Dread House bar, had some few drinks and slept.

Remember the trike we rented yesterday? It’s the same trike we used to tour around. We haggle for the price and came up with P800 / whole day trip.

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The picture doesn’t justify how high this cliff is. I have bathophobia, with all the traumas I’ve experienced since I was a kid, it developed to bathophobia anxiety. Even I have this illness, the other side of me still wants to try jumping from a cliff, you don’t want to know how much effort my fam put to let me try this lol. No picture was taken because I jumped without them knowing. I did it! I did it! Since we are in a hurry to make it to the last trip, we immediately went back to the room and packed our things. It was a beautiful and memorable experience!

P.S. : If you want to visit Camotes, you can contact kuya Pilo below :











Batong Malunhaw, Alegria

Date: 04/08/2017

How do you celebrate your last day at work?

After all the doubts I had, I finally decided to resign from working the night shift. Thus, my officemates are thinking how they can make memories with me before leaving them. Some of them decided to assign each person to bring specific food that I like. I was confused for a second if they’re happy about me leaving because we’re like celebrating it. Kidding haha.


IMG_20170407_011911 (2)


While my other group of friends decided to go on a team building in Alegria ( about 3-hour road trip using a private car ), I never heard of batong malunhaw before, and when they told that this is where we’re going, I immediately searched thru the internet to see what it looks like. Truth be told, I don’t recommend you go for it. I wasn’t really expecting much but still, I’m disappointed. From the pictures in google, the resort has pool included in your stay, but when we arrived, the pool’s water was super green and one of the staff told us that we can’t use it since it’s not cleaned yet. Ok, no pool ( that’s fine you’re here for the beach ), I went to the comfort room to shower and change before going to the beach, to my surprise, there’s no water coming out from the faucet ( that’s fine, you can just go to the beach and take a dip ), so finally, I head to the beach and just to find out that I’ll be adding it to my disappointment list. I think I’m in the series of unfortunate events, the beach is itchy and has a lot of seaweeds and it has so many rocks/ dead corals, not to mention it’s already low tide when we got there. We huddled and I suggested to transfer to Lambug, Badian, but some of them are tired and were sleeping. No choice, need to stick to the plan. Even though I’m not amazed, I still took a dip and just drank gin to enjoy my stay. I didn’t stay overnight because I don’t see any reason to. I just took a few pictures of the place and went home.

IMG_20170408_143237 (2)

After the sunset, we ate our dinner and me and my two guy friends went home while some of them stayed.


Food & Gasoline – P 800

The Mystical Island

March 25 – 26, 2017

IMG_20170326_054404 (2)

Hello from the mystical island of the Philippines! This place was on my bucket list since I started traveling. When my Catalan friend was going back to Spain, she decided to spend her remaining vacation days here in the island, so , I had to go and spend more time with her.

So if you’re from Cebu, there are four ways ( that I know ) to get here :

  • Boat ride via Cebu – Siquijor via Tagbilaran :

Check out this link from Lite Shipping .

  • Land Trip via Cebu – Dumaguete bus :
  1. Take a Ceres bus from south terminal going to DUMAGUETE ( it normally takes 3-4 hours w/o traffic to reach Lilo-an port )
  2. The bus will go directly to the barge. ( takes 30 minutes to reach Sibulan port )
  3. If you’re already in Sibulan port, go back to the bus so that they can take you to Dumaguete port.
  4. From Dumaguete port, buy a ticket to Siquijor ( it usually takes an hour and a half to get to the port of your destination )
  5. There are two ports in Siquijor; Larena and Siquijor port. If you’re late for the last trip to Siquijor port, you can also go to Larena, but it’s a 30-45 minutes motorcycle/tricycle ride to Siquijor proper.
  • Land Trip via Cebu to Lilo-an, Santander port :  
  1. If you’re not lucky enough to get the Dumaguete bus, you still have another option, and that is to take the Santander / Lilo-an bus. ( Please be aware that there are two places named Lilo-an in Cebu, so to avoid confusions, always use Lilo-an, Santander ).                                                                                                                             
  2. From Lilo-an port, go and buy a ticket for the barge to Sibulan port.                          
  3. From Sibulan port, you can take a bus ( if there’s any ) or you can ride a jeepney/tricycle to take you to Dumaguete port.
  • Land Trip to Lilo-an, Santander , Ferry to Siquijor :
  1. Take the bus going to Santander and stop at Lilo-an port.                                              
  2. There is a ferry that will take you directly to Siquijor, but it only has two schedules. It leaves at 10:00 AM and at 06:00 PM. 

IMG_20170325_144103 (2).jpg

In my experience, I took the longest trip because I was already late for option number 4. I left Cebu City at 11:00 AM and arrived here at 07:45 PM. You know that feeling of being too excited to tick off this place from your bucket list? but with the 8-hour travel that I experienced, excitement turned to frustrations and anger lol.

IMG_20170325_160657 (2).jpg


IMG_20170325_173337 (2)




IMG_20170325_234145IMG_20170326_001235IMG_20170326_001243IMG_20170326_053610 (2)

IMG_20170326_053743 (2)

I am a budget wise traveler, so if there’s a free spot where I could set up my tent or hammock, I would definitely go for it. As for this trip, this is what we did, there’s this free spot in San Juan where the owner doesn’t really mind people staying( from what I’ve heard, the owner wants to sell this area ). Camping here really gives us the island vibe feels. We woke up at around 8 in the morning and packed our things to tour around the island. We rented a motorbike for our adventure and planned to start at the farthest destination. We did not include Salagdoong beach in our itinerary because it’s too mainstream.


As what my friend told us, this Abandoned Beach is way more beautiful than Salagdoong and I must say that it’s true indeed! Few people visit here, so if you don’t like crowded places, you can check this out. We spent an hour here snorkeling and made friends with some foreigners. Next on our list is the known Cambugahay Falls.




I guess my friend is still looking for more, check the photo below :


Next on our list is the Iglesia Parroquial de San Isidro Labrador or commonly known as Lazi Church and convent. If you’re curious about this you can check this link.


The last spot that we’re going to visit is the famous Balete tree.


That’s how we ended our trip, there are still many places that I want to visit in Siquijor but work is calling me already. I fell in love with this Island, so much, I want to go back! I’ll be back, that’s for sureeee.



March 25 :
Bus ( Dumaguete ) – P 210
Barge ( Sibulan ) – P 75
Ferry ( Larena ) – P 150
Dinner – P 75
Beer – P 50

March 26 :
Breakfast – P 50
Dinner – P 50
Souvenirs – P 450
Boat ( Cebu ) P 200+