Discover Moalboal

Travel Period: April 15 – 16, 2017

This post is late, again!

Holy week season, some people would visit churches and some people would take this opportunity to travel, because duh it’s the long weekend! If you’re from Cebu, you know there just two places where most people would go. It could be Bantayan Island or Moalboal. Now, for me, since I don’t wanna travel 6 hours on land and another hour and a half on the sea, I decided to pick Moalboal. It’s a 2hour drive ( private car ) or 3-hour drive ( bus ), super convenient. If you must know, Moalboal is now famous for scuba diving, snorkeling, and the sardine run, thus many tourists would visit this place. There are already many restos developed in this place, and it also has a mall and McDonalds.

When you’re in Moalboal, there are two places where you can go, it could be Basdaku or Basdiot. As for me, I always choose Basdaku, aside from being cheap compared to Basdiot, you can also install your tents here and it has a bigger area.


There are a lot of fun activities here! You can snorkel, scuba dive, or go on an island hopping.

Island hopping costs about P2500 for a max of ten pax. You can also try to haggle with the price, be sure to use your charm 😉 Island hopping is consists of Pescador Island, Turtle Island and a swim in the sardine run area. Trust me, It’s worth the money you pay for.

IMG_20170415_125411 (2)




First stop: Pescador Island

The guide will give you enough time to roam in the Island and if you’re brave enough, you could also cliff dive ( just make sure that you won’t land on rocks though ) It’s dive at your own risks, so be careful!




Second stop: Turtle Island

Our guide told us that there are turtles seen in this area. We waited for about an hour, still, no turtle/s came to greet us. So we decided to leave and just go to the last stop.



Third stop: Sardine run

It’s scary but breathtaking and definitely the highlight of my holy week travel!








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