About The Author


Sulfur Vent

A 24-year-old independent woman who currently works in an Australian based company as a Virtual Assistant during daytime and works as an SMM at night. Hustlin hard to achieve everything she dreamed of for herself and her daughter. Aside from being a responsible mother and all the hustle and bustle of her life, she always makes sure she has time for her travels and wanderlust. She enjoys staying on an Island with no phone signal, no dramas, no traffic and no bad vibes. She also loves to trek and explore the peak of each mountain and staying overnight to watch the sky full of stars while breathing fresh air.
This blog is all about the places she visited and experiences she won’t forget. She may also add some poems and designs she made, as a result of her re-occurring depression. She loves art and it is her outlet when she’s at her lowest of lows, but she will never be defeated by depression as long as her child is with her. She speaks what’s on her mind thru writing, she may also share that to you, no need to react violently, we are all given the freedom of speech and entitled to our own opinion, so what you can do is to read and listen to what she’s thinking, you may also message her privately if you want to. She’s easy to approach and she can be your virtual friend or just somebody that would listen to you. She’s not good at giving advice but she will never get tired listening to your rants or problems over and over again. She’s def a listener and a friend who you can run to any time of the day and night.You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or you can add her up on Facebook.

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